Тільки один день щоб повторити усе спочатку (англійською мовою)

Or to come to Lviv in July in summer time…To walk in old town and sit in the middle of the night in the market place with someone who is very close to me, who is native citizen of the city.

When I crossed the old streets, I was astonished by unique architecture of this city and the cosy atmosphere I found in the market place. Touched by the yellow late evening lights around the market place became homelike place for young Ukrainian people. And suddenly unknown city became very close and warm for me.

 Walking in the old town I could not escape from the 19 century romantic stories, which I read in my school years. And not only because of my personal interest in good historical movies brought me the idea ‘This is a place to make a movie’, suddenly my friend turned our old town discovery trip in other direction and we were in the place, where we found scenes for filming and lots of decoration, singing actors and old stuffs lying around to make the place more similar to medieval city. And all things were natural and so close to this city’s image I had during my stay there…Some kind of the game and bohemian feeling in the city, with romantic breath from the old ages..

 I feel very comfortable and safe in the place I can imagine the boundaries. The place, where I can walk by foot. Where the streets already show the ways to the place you know.

Lviv’s downtown make me feel comfortable because of it. And for the reason what is very important for me: this small place is very architectural diverse and with the changeable features of the historical heritage.

Love and feeling something very special for Lviv I felt from the person who told me about the city. The places, events and historical narratives, which were told me, became fixing ties of my attention to Lviv’s story and me to this city…And Lviv made us closer to each over.

 Just the day to make it all again…






Author: Daiva
Foto: Serhiy Tereshchenko

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