Історія однієї подорожі (англійською мовою)

I definitely have to start with my journey, because it was almost as special as the city itself. We decided for the cheapest possible variant how to get there, which obviously implicates that in the same time it was the most complicated option. We went by train to Premysł, which took long, but it was OK. Than we had to get to Medyka, where is the border crossing to Ukraine, thus we took a small crowded shuttle bus. In Medyka we had to go thru the pedestrian border crossing. In the direction to Poland, there were huge rows, or rather crowd of people, waiting for many hours. In our direction, it wasn’t so bad, but I had to fill out some, let’s say, strange forms, in order to get in. And it was the moment when I again appreciated my native guide (дякую Ніна). After that, we took another even more crowded shuttle bus to Lviv.on the Rynok square

There, I was expected by my friend who took me to his place, where I had the pleasure to stay for the most of my stay, before my shift to another place for the last night. But both families were great and I indeed felt as an adoptive member of the family (дякую Андрій і Сергій).

With this amazing support, it was easy to get know the city. There were sightseeing and excursions during day, and enjoying the special atmosphere during night. It is really wonderful and amazing historical city with a unique atmosphere and it is worth to see it. Nevertheless, there is not as many tourists coming as for instance to the very similar Kraków. It is one of the reasons, why the city is not so much developed in terms of infrastructure, but it also makes it special and more residents friendly.

There is many interesting things, maybe sometimes shocking, for instance I truly love the idea of  “marchrutka”. Marchrutka is a small bus that stops and picks people up along the way, and let people off basically whenever they want to. It doesn’t have any bus stops or schedules, it is just there. But it is not just this, of course it’s not. During day, you can meet many tourists, mainly from Poland, but even so, there are many local people just having fun and relaxing. But after sunset, the city really belongs to residents. And it was one of the most interesting things, to meet the local people and to spend time with them, because just they make the place special. our Chech trams

Also the journey back was complicated and long, but with a small help I was able to manage it as well (дякую Діанка).

I could unfortunately stay only for few days, but for a city such as Lviv, you need much more, maybe all life…

Дякую вам знову i запрошуваю вас…


Автор: Давід - www.katrencik.go.pl
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